Buckaroo Steed….

Last summer I found out that I was going to be a grandmother.  This was a mixed blessing I was happy but I thought that my daughter should have waited till she was older to start a family.  Grandma under 50, I’m still raising my boys who are now 11 a and 13. It did not take me long to get over that confusion one look at the baby I was sold.

So here I was going to be a grandma… being a quilter I knew that my  girl would be expecting a quilt for the baby.  This had to be a spectacular quilt so to the drawing board I went.  I knew that it would have a western theme as I am a real cow girl at heart and the baby would probably be on a horse before he/she turned a year old.

So I knew how much this quilt would get used as my girl is still using hers at 21 years of age… her blankly makes Linus from Charley browns look new.    I wanted the child to be able to grow into the quilt.  so I made it larger.

Near the end of January I was blessed with a grandson Xavier.  He got his quilt and has been using it on a regular basis.  it gets tossed on the lawn for outdoor time, on the floor wherever he is for floor time. and so on.buckaroo steed with xavier

I did up a pattern for this quilt using my EQ7 Program.  I love that I was able to scan my fabrics right into the program and use them.  Capture

I had already done some applique designs so doing the Rocking horse was not such a task. Unfortunately,  I found it quite a challenge to be able to get 45 degree angles.  After 8 months of tweaking I finally got it and I now have full written directions for this pattern. I  call it Buckaroo Steed.

The Pattern can be found in my Craftsy Store at:    http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/quilting/home-decor/buckaroo-steed/221385

This one was made by one of my testers Evelyn Smith and Marylou Hilderbrandt.  I think she did a wonderful job with my pattern.


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