Paper piecing….It all started with a clock.

Here I had always wanted to try paper piecing.   So I figured why not start with something pretty simple.  After hunting the internet for a pattern I came across this Circle of Geese by Piece by Number to make 12″ block on Pinterest.CaptureI had so much fun making my clock I wanted it to represent a color wheel for my sewing room.

This is how I made my clock:


12″ hoop, clock motor,  tape, stiff cardboard, and material for the block

After making 4 of the geese blocks.Reverse your pattern other wise your clock will run BACKWARDS as my kids say.    I traced the outer circle of the inner hoop in stiff cardboard.  I Stretched the block over the inner frame and put on the outer frame with the stretching screw at the top. Then I  pressed the cardboard into place hiding the excess fabric. I did have to trim the cardboard abit to make it fit snug.  Now I punched a hole in the center where the clock motor would go .  Since my needles were gold they did not show up well so I choose to paint them white.  Next step was to press the motor into place on the back side. I taped the clock motor to the cardboard in the back. 14222081_10153879431808339_4867748023227931278_n

Once my needles were dry I pressed them onto the shaft added a battery and voila clock done.

This is my humble beginnings into the paper piecing world. Im hooked…..

My next project was not so simple I did the Cattails in the Meadow pattern by Judy Neimeyer. Of course I had to add my own spin to this one also.  I just can’t leave a pattern alone.  As I made this quilt I photographed each step so later I will do a blog on my progress with this pattern from start to finish.cattails in meadow.jpg



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