Quilt show purchase brings my mom to tears.

In Spring 2014 I called mom up to come with me to the Drayton Valley quilt show.  We had a real great day looking at the beautiful projects that the girls from that guild had put on display.  Of course who goes to a quilt show and walks away with nothing?  Not this girl… I came home with 9 meters of 1 fabric that I had found on show sale for 1 minimum cut $5.00/meter.  So being such a cheapscape I looked for something that had lots of material left on the bolt and took the rest. Mom and I had a real debate over this as she thought it meant 1 meter for $5.00 so I explained it to her.  After all and said I walked out with  9 meters for $45 dollars who could go wrong. Now I had all this fabric what to do with this fabric.14317327_10153889768213339_6250138976530920846_n-2One Day mom was over visiting so I decided it was time to cut into this lovely fabric. So mom and I spent all afternoon stacking and cutting the blocks into wack and stack squares to make a posy block.  Not only did mom help me cut the fabric but she also helped me sew the blocks together.  I dug out the old singer that had been her first machine that she had given me and we both sat visited and made Posey blocks together…pattern-repeat-7

Having all these Posey blocks I had to figure out how to get them into a quilt… I did exactly that at our local quilt retreat that fall I started making the blocks to make the quilt.  I had already purchased black, green and pink fabrics to coordinate ( I say coordinate as I’ve been corrected that the word match should not be used)  with the material.   I got most of the top done that weekend.  Of course there was some time I just had to walk away.  That’s about the time when you keep repeating mistakes.

Well I got my top done and its got sandwiched so the quilting was pretty simple to figure what I was going to do as I just copied the paisleys in the fabric and did fancier paisleys with colored thread in my large blank areas.


I like to add a piped binding to my quilts as it gives just a zing of color to the border. I was using the Ricky Tims method but since then I have found that the magic binding technique is much easier and quicker.

So with the quilt now finished what was I going to do with it. .Hey why not give it to Mom.  so here comes the label. It had to be special. This is what brought tears to mom when she read it.14265029_10153889768343339_6055793582181902233_n

I gave it to her for Christmas that year we went to the quilt show… a memory that we shall always cherish.  I know she loved it as she has been hauling it all over the country showing anyone who wants to see it.

Well enough of the sneaks peeks here is what the quilt looks like.


I call it Saw-Tooth Posey the pattern can be found in my Craftsy store

Saw-Tooth Posey Pattern



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