Wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…


My family and I want to extend Merry Christmas and Holiday wishes to you and your families.  May you find this day bring you love, peace and joy.  Cherish the times with your family.


This was our tree on Christmas Morning this year. If you look closely most of the gifts under our tree is wrapped with fabric bags. I’m almost at the point where I don’t need to purchase wrapping paper. I just reuse the bags each year. 2016-christmas-treeIts amazing that if you put all the gifts not under but around the tree spread out the kids think that they are getting more. lol

I thought I’d share the wall hangings that  I have made over the years… I started making them in 2009 when I took an applique course and each year after I try to add at least one item to my decorations.  These are the ones that decorate my windows during the holiday season.

Hopes that  2017 bring you all happiness and good health.


  1. All the Best to you and family. I have recently found and am follow your blog,have enjoyed your post and sewing/quilting hints. Look forward to what you have for 2017.

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