Beginning quilting tools…

So here I have a friend that want to learn to quilt. I think many do but they feel intimidated by us old-time quitters to ask.  So I am going to show you little things to get you going.  There is  nothing that I love more that to be able to pass on my love for the art of quilting

Yesterday I went over to a girlfriends to teach her to quilt. At this point she had only done rag quilts wich are very forgiving when making errors.  She had all her supplies.. for a beginner these are the supplies I recommend.

Begining Quilting supplies:

  1. Sewing machine Any type will work for a real novice but as you progress in your craft these are things that I would make sure I had if I was to purchase an other machine: 1.Drop feed dogs 2. a larger throat 3. needle down position 4. Threader  5. Walking foot equivalent (my Phaff had IDT)  5. Basic stitches straight, zig zag, blanket, button-hole, satin  6. 1/4″ foot. 7. Darning or Free motion foot  8. a thread cutter my machine does not have this option but I think it would be handy
  2. Cutting mat Self healing are best. A larger mat  24″ x 36″
  3. Rotary cutter (I like the Olpha 45mm) she had the kind that retracts after each use and I could not get the hang of using it.  I felt like I was blind in my cutting as I could not see where the blade was going to be.  This cold be just preference or what I have gotten used to)
  4. Scissors (Keep these away from paper as they will dull faster)
  5. Seam Ripper (I’ve tried quite a few kinds and I find clover with the white handle are my favorite. Fons and potter are ok but I don’t like of feel of the handle.   What you want to look for is a thin picking point.  Good sharp cutting in the curve of the ripper and of course a ball tor quick ripping.  Whats the ball for here is a good tutorial on the use of hat little red ball.
  6. A measuring tape.  This will come in handy when you want to measure your quilts for adding borders and binding. I like to keep 2 kinds a regular 60″ long one and one of the 110″ones.
  7.  Pins and Pincushion I like the kind with the plastic ball as they are easier to grab
  8. Safety pins. Look for the kind that are bent. You will find this easier when pining the quilt layers together.
  9. Rulers  here you should have 2 to start a 6″ x 24″ and a 6″x  12″ I don’t think there is much difference between them it’s what you get used to.  Look for grid at 1″ and marks at the 1/2″, 1/4 and 1/8″ .
  10. Tread  I  like to work with 100% cotton. My favorite for piecing is Aurofill orange cone and I use Gutterman 100% cotton for quilting (as you learn you will find your own preferences and those of your machines)
  11. Fabric 100% Cotton In my experience it is worth purchasing a good quality cotton.
  12. Iron and Ironing board.  Any will work.
  13. Marking Pen  to mark anylines for quilting or center marks of peices. Even soap slivers will work.

This should give you a good start.

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