Spring runner done…

20170322_195058_resized - Copy

As I had earlier mentioned  I am posting the runner that I made on the 1st day of spring.  I used a marking pen to mark the 1st 3 centers of the star till my body got a memory of the pattern then I just winged it for the rest of the runner.20170322_195231_resized - Copy


CaptureThis is the marking pen that I used it is the 1st time that I have used this pen. Its called Madeira Magic Pen.  The makings will disappear in 24-72 hours or you can remove them by simply dabbing them with a wet cloth.  The pen has a thin  and thick pointed side depending on what you need.  Since I was so inpatient to see what the runner looked like after I finished it I simply submerged it in about one inch of water to get rid of all the lines.  That worked then I just laid it flat on the table to dry


Here are pictures of the Quilting.  It’s not perfect but I am happy with it, so that’s all that counts.

20170322_195111_resized - Copy20170322_195121_resized


  1. Hello, I found you by a post on Canuck Quilters site. I am a Canadian living in Virginia. I really like your site and would love to be added to your email list.


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