Christmas week project… Windsocks & Windmills


We made it thru Christmas an other year.   I sure hope everyone stayed safe and warm and enjoyed family time. This year the weather was not so kind to us we had some days that it hit -38 to be -42 with windshield.

Mom came over for Christmas eve supper, and on Christmas day we made donuts this is a ritual that has been going on since as we moved west from Quebec in 1979.  Mom and her sister Aunty Julie would get together and make multi dozens each year for Christmas. When my cousins were old enough to join in  they did and the dozen count went up and the kitchen was like an assembly line.  one mixes, one rolls and cuts, and other fry, and someone bags.   Now its just mom and I but were keeping the tradition alive.. I hope some day my children will join in.   We made 11 dozen this year.   Here is the recipe if your interested…

Cote family Donuts..

Cream 2 tbsp. butter and 1 cup sugar, add 1 cup milk, 1 tsp vanilla, and 2 eggs that have been separated and folded together stir well. Mix dry ingredients 3 tsp baking powder, 3 cups flour and add to wet ingredients. Mix well, Roll out, cut to shape and fry in oil till golden brown then flip. To make 11 doz. we 2x the recipe. 

It being so cold the weather kept me in the house and I worked on a quilt from a charm pack that I had gotten from a Secret Santa Exchange.

Here’s the dilemma what do you do with 1 charm pack… Jenny from MSQC has tons of ideas and tutorials… well I shooted off of one of her ideas.  Windsocks & Windmills was created.   Of course anyone who knows me it’s not often that I make small quilts so was able to find extra coordinating fabric to make more 5″ squares. I name for it till after posting it on FB social I and got requests for the pattern.  So now by jan 1st i had the quilt quilted. I quilted it on my HQ16 and used a 6″ straight ruller to do the gometric quilting to keep this quilt modern looking.

Scattered quilted

I have the pattern al written up and it is now on my  Craftsy store.  Click the link to it.  Pattern Windsocks & Windmills



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