Memory Bear… Marc.

I did something a little different today… I made a bear using a pattern that I found online at How Joyful. Here is the link  

When I was transferring rooms I found a bag of leftovers from my brothers shirts that I had previously made a guilt for my Aunt.  I figured it was time to make something for my New Studio that I could look upon and remember Marc my little brother.    I can tell that I’m healing as I was not emotional like when I made the quilt for Aunty Nicole.


I really had fun making the How Joyful bear.. Id like to thank Joy Kelly for allowing us to use  her pattern…

This is the bear that I was able to finish this afternoon. A few hiccups along the way nothing that my seam ripper could not fix.  I added the tie if i can find a black leather clip on then will be replacing it.. I can remember Marc wearing that tie when he was a teenager.  The buttons came from the button container that I inherited we would play with and spend hours sorting when we were little.

This bear has found a permanent home on the shelf in my studio.








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