VS Sampler… Block 7

June 27/19

Today’s the last day of school them I’m off for the summer.  I realize that by the time you read this it will already be next week..  Got my bus interior fully finished this morning.. I love parking it on a hill and using the garden hose just to wash all the dirt and dust right out the back door.  I ordered 5 Medium pizzas for my kids as they got on this morning I asked them what kind of pizza they liked.. so I’m ordering 2 cheese, 1 peperoni, 1 Hawaiian, and 1 meat lovers…They will get their slices as they get on the bus and hope that nobody makes a mess. I’m bringing a bucket with soap and rag just in case.  After PM run the exterior will get finished  as its still kinda muddy on my rural roads. My bus will be all clean till I go pick her up at the end of August.

VS Block 7 I was able to used some of the leftovers scraps from previous blocks.. I keep the pile close so that i can measure my scraps to see if they will work.

To start looking at this block to break it down, I see half square triangles: 4 black/red and 4 red/white.. Then I can see the the center  is now a 9 patch..  The leftover whites triangles and trapezoids can be sewn into a a rectangle.  Now again we have a 9 patch.

Lets build it.  

This was a pretty simple block.  Here what we have accomplished so far.


My design wall is about 8 inches too short.  lol I’ll make do.  Its not the biggest quilt ive made so far.. it was 110 x 110.

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