VS Sampler… Block 31

August 19 2019

Were is my mind… I think i left it in St Paul with the grandson.. Yesterday I was looking for a specific photo to have printed so that Willard could get the RCMP Musical ride team to print  so that they could sign it for him. When we go to the Whitecourt show on the 29th.facebook_1566235426297My phone pictures were so backlogged with all the pictures from this blog that i decided to do a clean sweep of all the instructional photos.. What i didn’t realize is that i had not written the blog for this particular block and erased all my how to photos… So I’m going to do this one slightly different..  im going to use the quilt program instead of the actual photos.  This block is very much like some of the previous blocks we’ve done using the trapezoids.

VS Block 31

I broke this down into a  9 patch block.Block 31 1

The 1st section are the 4 corner Squares. build this the same as you did with the previous blocks. Sew the white trabapids together insert the black square, now sew the green trapezoids to this section insert the black triangles,  the last piece that will be sewn on is the light green triangle to finish the square. do this on all 4 corners.block 31 templaes

the cross Section is pretty simple sew the small light green rectangle to all the black rectangles.block 31 center

Now sew the sections into strips and sew these strips together to finish the block.


4×4 Setting.

Block 31 4x4

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