My start into the Blogging world.

This is my 1st attempt at doing a blog.  So bear with me as I trudge thru this.  I will try to keep this up when I have new patterns to display.

The reasoning of starting a blog is because I joined a group of designer and we are to display our  designed item on a blog.  It was recommended to me that I start my own so here goes.

The block that I designed is for the Road Home Row Along.  This block will be released in September 2016.  I chose to represent Alberta, Canada for my row. stbs-Road-Home-long-banner-151x300

Here is a link to the Blog hop so that if your interested you can go and check it out.



  1. Congratulations and welcome to the blogging world, Renee! I’ve been blogging since 2009 and don’t see any signs of stopping, lol….the friendships I’ve made are priceless.


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