Look up….

This quilt was designed from the inspiration of a Shopping mall arched roof that a friend had posted on her Facebook.  I could not resist to turn it into a quilt..  I love to challenge my designs skills and eventually this will be a challenge to sew together.  Oh Boy… how I love Y seams.  Actually they are not that difficult once one understands how to do them.  Later I will show you  a quilt that is all Y seams that I have being tested at the moment.

If one looks around with open mind we can see quilt designs in everything from Nature to architecture.

capture 2This is the portrait that I took the inspiration from… It is the domed ceilling of the “Haleria Kaufhof” demartment store, Alexanderplatz, district of Mitta, Berlin.  here is a link to more photos or this lovely Ceiling.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/GaleriaKaufhof.





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