Make 8″ Dresden Template…

So here I was I had finished designing a pattern for a quilt and I sent it off to the tester.   The 1st question she asks me upon looking at the pattern is do you have a template for the Dresden?  Oops… forgot that part…  I do now this is how I made a template for my Dresden.  this will make a 20 blade Dresden.


  1. Measure and draw a 3 ” line at the bottom of a piece of paper.13769636_10153761152638339_1864948105890049354_n
  2. Find the middle of that line and draw a 90 degree line measuring to 8″(any length less can be used for this template,  just measure how big from the narrow 1″  side  and draw your line across like in step 3 ) . For this I used my 12×6″ grid ruler.13782257_10153761152953339_3544570101403729065_n
  3. Draw an other 90 degree line at your 8″ mark and measure 1/2″ on each side of the center line and mark.13669726_10153761153408339_585142567366888853_n
  4. Now all you have to do is join all the marks with straight lines.Capture

This template can be transferred onto any piece of cardboard or plastic.


My pattern for Memories of a Summertime Promenade is now for sale on Craftsy at

jacobs dresden.


  1. Thank you so much. I love the colors you used. I sew blankets for the homeless. I give as Christmas gifts. I’m going to finish a few blankets I have started.

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