Where did my logo come from?

I signed up for a silhouette exchange as practice for me to do silhouettes with my EQ7 program.  Kari Schell  of On Point Quilter was kind enough to host this event.   All we had to do was do a silhouette of any of our choosing and submit it in to her..  I happen to choose this woman sitting on a kitchen chair doing hand mending.

How did I do this with the EQ7 program?  Here is a description of the steps that I took to get to this image.

  1. Open your program
  2. Create new project. I called mine hand stitched. for this tutorial we will call it silhouette.
  3. Choose Block- New Block-Easy Draw Patch Draw
  4. Select the size of the block you want. I chose 9×9
  5. Turn off all snapping options and grid.
  6. Choose tracing image on the bottom tabCapture
  7. upload photo icon on the top of the side menu  Capture
  8. Chose your image. I chose Barnaby. and Open.and Ok. Double Click onto the block surface. Choose how it will fit in the block using these icons.Capture Then adjust how much your image shows up using this tool.Capture
  9. Go to the applique tab at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Choose the free hand tool. and trace the shape of your image. it does not have to be perfect as we will adjust in abit.Capture
  11. Once it is traced use this icon to make sure your shape is closed. and it will fill in with color.Capture
  12. this is what mine looks like now.Capture
  13. Adjust the freehand lines by using the shape tool by doubleCapture click on a line and move it around to where you want it.  the blue bars are to lengthen or shorten the lines they also change the angle of the curve. You may want to enlarge the sections your working on so that it is easier to see.Capture

Once your happy with your result you can go ahead and go to the color tab and color .  shape in.  this was not the best choice of an image but it gives the just how to do this.Capture

Here is the silhouette of my logo if your interested in it.  Enjoy. Hand Stitch logo by Renee Chester


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