ITS HERE….2016 The Road Home Row Along

My release day has finally arrived……

Here she is my Alberta Canada Block.14222250_10153878816443339_2638025349154955319_n

Before we begin Id lake to give a big THANK YOU to Marian of Seams to be Sew and Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy  without them we would not be able to have this blog hop with all these giveaways.  Thanks Girls for all the work you put into organizing this event the 2016 Road Home Row Along.

I’ll try my best to explain my design process and the steps I made to get to this finished block.

First of there was size specifications that  our blocks had to be.  I designed mine on EQ7.  The size of my block when finished without borders is 12″ x 40″.  I choose to do a landscape layout as I was planning on doing a landscape of Alberta Canada.

Elements that to me represent Alberta  are:

  •  mountains- I only live an hours drive from seeing the peeks of the majestic Rockie Mountains,
  •   foot hills- can’t get to the mountains without crossing them,
  •  evergreen trees living in northern Alberta the are abundant and I have pine trees in my yard ,
  •  pump jacks are found in the field next to my house,
  •   fields of grain and summer fallow I live in an agricultural community,
  •  pastures for horse I have 6 of these in my yard,
  • wild rose is the Alberta Provincial flower and they grow wild in the ditches along my driveway
  •  cloudy skies.  Only in Alberta can we get all 4 seasons in one day.

The next step was how to lay them out.  Of course the mountains had to be in the West.  then as we head east we would come to the foot hills then fields.  This was all done using layers of applique.

Now that I had my basic idea what I wanted in my row off to my EQ7 program to design it.  This turned out to be also more confusing as I was just learning the program…did I mention I like to challenge myself.  I tried drawing the mountains and for some reason they kept erasing  when I wanted to go color them. Turns out that all your shapes need to be closed if you want to color them in.  Thanks to the help from Marian of Seam to be Sew we got that portion figured out.  The rest went well as I knew what I was now doing.  With the landscape done I could move on to adding the shapes.road home background

My next step was to do the shapes for the pump jacks, horse, pine trees, and rose.  this  I had to do into my applique section of the EQ program. I found the pump jacks to be quite challenging again my shapes were not closed.  The pine trees were an afterthought so they were added into the design later in the process.

She was coming together.  now all I had to do was copy paste and resize the elements. and color them in.trh block.PNG

Whoop hoop…. I was finished the block design.  now all I had to do was print it out and start assembling it.  Again this sounded easy but when I first started for some reason the block size was not set to what I wanted and my mountains when I cut out the fabric were all squished as i was working with a 12×20 block not 12×40 block. And I had forgotten to reverse my templates.  WIN_20160402_19_51_35_Pro

Assembly of my block went as follows:(I’m going to make an other one just to show you all the steps in photos as I got way ahead of myself and was done before I knew that I had to do a detailed description.)

  1. I sewed the sky fabric to the bottom what ever scrap I had on hand to make a foundation to mount the rest of the elements on.
  2. Traced out all the shapes that was needed onto fusible web I like to use Heat n Bond.
  3. Starting with the mountains that were in the rear and then assembling towards the front. I layered and pinned everything into place and then ironed it town to get the heat n bond to stick.
  4. Same thing was done with the foreground shapes.
  5. then all I had to do was run a satin stitch around all of my shapes.

My Free pattern can be found:

The Road Home RAL: Alberta Canada

  I hope you enjoy and please show off your finished project.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the blocks offered free to all in this blog hop . 


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Giveaways for dropping by…

I’m having issues with the Giveaways please go to the Seams to be Sew Blog to Enter.

Washington Street Fabrics 1 Bundle – Fats, Strips, Squares / Requirements: US Enterants Only


Anita Goodesign Machine Embroidery Design CD



      1. For a new blogger you’re doing great, and next year, you’ll have all this learning curve stuff out of the way. Most people stop out of frustration, but you pressed on and have done your best, that’s an accomplishment all on its own. I’m very proud of you and you should be proud of yourself, this is not only a really nice row, the blog is also coming along very nicely.


  1. What a great depiction of Alberta! Love those mountains and rolling hills (isn’t there a camp song about that?) My grandparents lived in Slave Lake for awhile. Thanks for the free pattern.


  2. Sorry you are having difficulties with your give-away entry! Hope it gets fixed soon. I really love your row — reminds me of when we lived in Montana.


  3. Your row is lovely …. reminds me of our surroundings when we lived in Montana (except we didn’t have so many trees!). Thank you for your pattern! (lynnstck[at]

    (I also couldn’t find a comment button, only reply)


  4. Love your row and it is beautifully done. I have visited Canada, but never made it to Alberta before we moved to Florida 4 years ago. Think a vacation visit will need to be done in the near future before we move to Ecuador.


  5. Your row is great! It’s particularly special to me as my grandparents met and were married in Edmonton. Looking forward to visiting all rows on line. thank you.


  6. Beautiful row. I’ve been waiting ever since before your sneak peek to see the finished row. It says it all about Alberta. And is just as awesome as your quilts. Now to squeeze this row in amongst all my other projects. Lol.


  7. Your row is wonderful! I’m excited for this hop — even though it’s barely begun I’ve already seen lots of interesting things. Thanks for sharing.


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