Kissing Fish Quilt…

Here I was given a bunch of precut 7″ flannel squares to turn into a charity quilts.  I had 23 of the teal and a 29 of the white printed materials.  I wanted to make a quilt that could be used by an older child or teen.

So  I remembered a quilt I made for my camper many moons ago that  was all made with charm packs into HST(half square triangles). I entered this quilt in the 2014 Pins and Pine Needles quilt show and it took home a ribbon for Best Country Quilt.camper-quilt

I had seen a quick way of making these from a Missouri Star Quilt company video. How to make speedy Half square triangles (click for link)kissing-fish

kissing-fish-2So I sewed 1/4″ all the way around the two different colored 7″ blocks right sides together. I made 23 of these.  Then I took my rotary cutter and cut these diagonally from corner to corner and again the opposite side corner to corner.  I pressed these open and now I had 92 HST .


kissing-fish-1I decided to have all my darks pointing one way and  all the lights pointing the other direction. Then I sewed these in sets of 4 to make a  8 1/2″ blocks.  I trimmed these to square them up. Like my camping quilt.  I realized that 20 blocks would give me a baby quilt do I added a block in between the pieced block.  I like the on point setting as it’s always larger than Horizontal setting . To find my layout I went to my eq7 program and used the symmetry tool till I found a layout that I liked. Playing with the program I found one that  looked like fish kissing. Hence the name Kissing Fish.

My layout is on point with 4 across and 5 down. kissing-fish-4

In the alternating spaces I chose to use white and cut squares into 8 1/2″ block.  The side blocks are cut to 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ sub cut to make 4 triangles.  capture  The corner blocks are  cut to 6 1/2″  and sub cut to make 2 triangles.capture  Then added a white 3″ border.  I did put a teal flange between the quilt and border to add a zing of color.  The finished top ended up being 51″x62″.

If your planning to make this quilt you will need 1 yard of the teal and white prints and 2 1/4 yards of the white for background and border.

If you notice I only used 20 blocks even though I had 23 I could not get the extra 3 into they layout and keep it a rectangular shape.  These will be tossed into the orphan block bin for later use.

This is my fully finished washed  quilt. Picture taken in outside in the sun.  I echoed the circles of the fabric in my quilting. Made with Flannel so it shrunk to give it that crinkly already used look.


I took this one in the shade to really show off the pattern.  kissing-fish-7

I really hope that some of you enjoyed this simple quilt.




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