Enlarging a quilt after its been bound…

Feature image is called “Paths by the Water” It is a Queen size quilt measuring  100” x 116”

This is actually the quilt back to my enlarged 28 Karats quilt…  I had a girlfriend who purchased the quilt from me but she wanted it to fit her queen bed so I had to enlarge it by  10″ on all sides taking it from a double to a queen.  I like to use as much of the left over fabrics from the quilts I have made. This reduces the stash and saves on having to purchase a full backing.  Especially now that fabric has reached a price of $16 – $18 per meter for good quality quilt fabric here in Canada.   I had a large piece of the focal fabric leftover so I decided to build round the piece I had.  Because I was using left overs for the borders and I dint have enough fabric to miter my corners. If I do this quilt again mitered corners will be added.

Pictures below are of the original quilt and of the enlarged one.

How did I go about enlarging it?

28-karats-extraWell this was a learning curve.  I sewed strips so that they would equal 10″  for the front and the back when sewn onto the quilt.  The 1st side I cut the strip to the length and proceeded in adding 12 inches of batting  to that side by zig zaging it on.This is where I ran into problems when I went to add the strips it was hard to line up the fabrics front and back to sew them in one seam.  The next 3 sides were much easier, I sewed the border strips on first then folded them back and zig zaged the batting into place. quilted the borders and added the binding  ( I was able to reuse the binding) and now the quilt was larger as my friend wanted.  This is my Queen size bed and it has a good drop on all sides. 28karats-larger

I had never even thought of drafting a pattern for this one till someone on a Facebook group asked for the name of the pattern.  I went ahead and drafted a pattern for it. I designed the back on my eq7 program. This is what it looked like with the program.


I’ve written up a pattern for this quilt and I’m calling it Paths by the water.

 These are the fabric requirements.

1 ½ Yardcapture-1e

2 ¼ yard

1 yard

1 ½ yard

3 ¾ Yard

2 1/8 yard

The pattern can be found  at my Craftsy store  as a free download for a limited time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for downloading my pattern.


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