What does Easter mean to you?…

I’m a little early, but this would give you time to make it in time for Easter if you decide to make one…

To me Easter is  not a time for bunnies and eggs… though my kids think so.  I’m trying to teach them the real Meaning of Easter.  Jesus gave up his life so that we may have a chance at entrance into heaven and   eternal life with God   To me Easter is a time for forgiveness and new growth.  The act of the crusafixion to me is a reminder that there is always hope and a chance for peace and all of our sins to be forgiven.  As a reminder of this unselfish act last year in April 2016 I made a wall hanging that I pull out and put up besides the television each easter.

Easter wall hanging

This is my wall hanging. I call it “The Meaning of Easter”  the symbols in this apliqued picture are:

Cross:  the cross that jesus was forced to carry and was nailed to. He carried the burden of our sins.

Heart:  the love that god had for us to give up his only son so that we may be forgiven of our sins.

Crown of thorns:  a reminder that jesus was indeed a king to those who wanted into his kingdom and also the crown that the romans mockingly placed on his head.

Doves: representing the holy spirit  taking the sole of Christ to heaven to be with his father.  Also doves represent the peace that we are able to achive with his death.

Tulips: one of the 1st signs of spring and renued life wich is exacly why jesus died for us.

My background I used yellow and the brigher shades for shining up to heaven and down to earth just as we are being wached after by the spirit of our angels.

The pattern for this can be found at my craftsy store:  http://www.craftsy.com/user/2395143/pattern-store?_ct=fqjjuhd-ijehu&_ctp=198669,2395143




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