2017 Spring Sew Along… Part 2


So how is everyone coming along?  I am a little disappointed with the participation in this one I have only had one person share with me what they are doing.  Well, here is my part one. It was quite a struggle to get here. Trying to find fabrics from my stash to make one along with all of you.  I’ll show you a bit of my struggles in choosing my fabrics…I started out working with the color wheel and tried to work with a  rectangle using Blue green, Yellow green, red, and violet. I really loved this combination, but when I tried to place them into blocks for this quilt they did not work.

So  back to the stash for options that work. I am not buying fabrics for this quilt. Can you believe I only have 2 fuchsia/violets in my entire stash.  I did finally find something that pulled me totally away from my 1st choices, these are the numerous options that I came up with.

You may notice that my framed squares have 2 fabrics from the same line I will be alternating these.(I just didn’t have enough fabric of one)  I loved the green fabrics but I felt that it would be too much green. So I substituted these for a gray and brought back in the bright yellow/orange.  This is my final choice and I believe it will still be an eye popper. 20170226_071605_resized1559

Well, here is my part one finished, anyone out there willing to share their progress? Share your progress photos to chairo@telus.net.


Now let’s on with it, Part 2 …

You are making 12 of these blocks


2017 Spring Sew along Schedule:

January 29/17 Introduction

February 1/17 fabric requirements

February 22/17 Part 1

March 1/17 Part 2

March 8/17 Part 3

March 15/17 Part 4

March 22/17 Part 5

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