Y seams not so difficult…

panel-9The first quilt that i ever made using Y seams was a panel and doing attic windows.I saw a pictue somewhere.  I dint want it to be just the regular way I wanted it to have a central perspective in my angles.  This required me to adjust the angle of the way the window panes met.  I’m not going to go into how I did this because I don’t think I could explain it even if I tried unless I showed you.  This is the quilt I made, I call it “Quebec’s Back Yard” It was originally destined to be a lap quilt for my husband but of course like all quilts it got away from me and ended up being too big for the living room.  It now has a designated spot on the wall next to his side of the bed.  I did enter it into the 2014 Pins and Pine Needles Quilt show and it took home a ribbon for best use of orange.  It also tied for 1st place in viewers choice against a Mariners Compas quilt by Judy Neimmeyer. The guild voted to break the tie, I understand that my quilt was not as labour intensive as hers and why she won after all I “whipped” mine up in an afternoon.  This was the 1st quilt show that I had ever entered so I was pretty proud of myself for making it this far.

kubic-kiittens-quiltThe Next project with Y seams was for my 9 year old son.  One day he asked me to make him a quilt.  Not just any quilt he had requests…. “Mom can you make me a quilt that is orange with cats. And I want minky on the back” Ok my 1st thought was orange and cats how do I make this not look too halloweenish?  Where do I find the fabric?   About 3 years ago I went to The Creative Stitches craft show in Edmonton.  Looking around I found a booth that was selling bundles of fat quarters.  This particular bundle had Orange, Green, and Teal fabrics.  Perfect bought it up right away.  Now to the drawing board  what am I gonna make with just 3 colors?  Why not a tumbling block quilt… Perfect.  So I cut the fat quarters in strips and into diamonds.  Sewed them all together.  I how had the orange but how do I add cats?  Why not silhouettes of cats in different posies.  Perfect. I called it “Kubic Kittens” link to pattern.

Not only did I not realize that the complete quilt was done with Y seams.  I could have done the blocks with half square triangles but I didn’t want to cut up fabrics.  The key to Y seams as far as I’m concerned is not to sew to the ends…  leave 1/4″ from each end of your seam.7a (2)

Leaving that 1/4″ gives you room to start and stop without sewing over the other fabrics when joining them together.

Here is an example of joining one block together.

Joining the first 2 fabrics is easy just sew 1/4″ from start to 1/4″ to end.

When I add in the 3rd fabric I like to fold back the top fabric so that I can get to the seam and the 1/4″ mark.  I start at the center and sew to the 1/4″ from the end.

The next seam is done in the same manner but this time I fold the bulk away from where I’m going to sew.

My good friend Paco Rich did a tutorial on Y seams and it is real easy to follow so here is the link to her blog. PJ’s Crafty Creations Easy Y seams. She will also soon be doing an other group project in the “Life’s a quilt” Facebook



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