Chuggin’ Along….

I was commission to make a quilt for a baby.  The requirements were … Train quilt and colors of green, blue and purple. the baby’s room walls are a light gray.  18787988_10155228560242095_1661122788_n

I’ve always wanted to do a train quilt but my older boy is beyond the train stage in his life though he does want to be a train engineer or a farmer.  I was quite excited about this project and off to my Eq program to design a keepsake for this new bundle of life.

This is the EQ version of this train quilt.18892999_10154659640118339_7579359334819372476_n


I was able to find most of my materials from ‘Sew Right”the quilt shop in Whitecourt AB, But the panel for the back to give this quilt a duel purpose was purchased at “Material Matters” in Drayton Valley AB.. Of course I could not go to one shop in Drayton without hitting both as they are across the street from each other.  So I grabbed some materials from “Stitches & Dreams”  These shops are well worth the trip.

Im going to show you the steps as I made this quilt to completion.

Train Engines… Took me 3 hours, I paper peiced the grill.18892949_10154659640373339_5574939964456569256_n

Caboose… Took me 1hour and 40 minutes19029276_10154659640543339_6651502312837111084_n

Coal cars and Flat trains… took me 1 hour and 45 minutes18921739_10154661765843339_2120087984995005148_n

Passenger cars… took me 1 hour and 20 minutes19029324_10154666829713339_877147025325774797_n

Today (Satruday) I put in a long day I stated at 8am and did not quilt till I had the border mostly done finished out the day at 445am  20hours and 45 minutes, Im not addicted at all. lol I worked hard on this today so that i could get it finished by next friday as i have a fishing quilt that needs to be finished by the 1st of july and I need to get this one finished 1st.

Rail Road crossing sign… , I had problems lining up the crossing sign. once i was happy then i drew on the words and sattin stiched over the writting.

The next step was to put the lettering on the coal cars for the childs name and his birthday. We(Grandparents)  choose yellow appliqued to do the name and the date. Each engine were numbered with the babys weight and length at birth.  Yes it seems small but the baby was a premee. 19113095_10154669871763339_399034045_n

This is how the train looks like at this poing with all parts put together.18953050_10154669998983339_925118435217404557_n

Sashings and appliqued nature features…19030718_10154670728508339_9014306136507160413_n I found that the bottom left corner was too plain by the sign so we decided to add in starts and moon to fill the space up.  If you really look some of the stars are placed to immitate the big dipper constalation.19113287_10154670754568339_735632558_nTrain tracks… these are peiced exept for the corners where I paper peiced them.  The rails are made with black yarn that I couched on. Top Done.18952984_10154672676338339_2869693824575921796_n

Backing…. This took me 1hour and 45minutes to complete.19030734_429116247474679_5883760402658518333_n

Quilting and Binding took me 4 hours and 45 minutes. I just love the way it turned out.

Now if I add up all my time to make this quilt I was able to conplete it from start to finish in 35 hours.   And that does not take into account the cost of the materials.  Then people wonder why quilters charge so much to have a quilt made for them.


  1. I have a grandson who was 1.5 lb at birth, born at 24 weeks gestation and is now 16, taller than me, and only has health issues with his vision – one eye had surgery at 27 weeks that was not successful. Am sure that they have come a long way with medical interventions for these precious small babes in the last 16 years but my grandson was a miracle and today, he is just a regular teenage kid! Your quilt is awesome and I love how you kept track of your time. Amazing!! And certainly teaches all of us quilters that maybe we should be more conscious of how long our projects take us from start to finish. (or maybe not?)

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  2. Hi Renee, this train quilt is off the rails amazing! I don’t have the eq program and was wondering if you have the pattern still? If so would you consider selling it. My landlord son loves trains. He picked the image of your quilt because he especially loves train crossings. The pattern would only be used to make 1 quilt. The project is not a paid one.


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