2017 Christmas Sew along… Stellar Cabins. Fabric requirements

I designed this quilt for the Life’s a quilt Facebook Group.  It will finish at a size of 48″ x 64″  I had a Fat quarter bundle that has been laying around for a few years so I decided it was time to use it.  This quilt is fat quarter friendly.  I designed this quilt on my EQ7 quilt design program..Stelar Cabins

Stellar Cabins was inspired by  “Flower Boxes” the 2016 Spring sew along that I did I just loved the layout of this so I thought I would expand on it by making a more complicated looking quilt .  This pattern can be Purchased at my Craftsy store or on Payhip  Flower Boxes

The instructions for “Stellar Cabins”  quilt are real easy to follow and feel free to ask any questions that you may have regarding this project.   I choose log cabins since Christmas is a time to spend inside with friends and family to me a cabin is a place of warmth and homecoming and of course Christmas would not be without stars..  that led the way for the wise men and shepherds to the manger where baby Jesus was born.

sewing on bindingI Finished the binding for this quilt on a 6 hour road trip to go visit family for Thanksgiving last weekend.  It took me 4 hours as I dont really like to sew by hand and I’m out of practice.. I learned that it would be helpful to pre-thread needles as it is quite difficult to do in a moving vehicle.  It’s a  good thing that my boys were able to do this for me as their eyes are much better than mine.





Today I will release the fabric requirements then ill give you weeks to gather your fabrics and we will begin with part on  Oct 25  2017


The fat quarter bundle  that I used consisted of red, green, beige ,and brown. Somewhere during the process of making this top I misplaced a few of the brown FQ so I opted to use more fabric for the browns to give a consistancy in colors.


These are the colors that I worked with when designing the quilt.



The fabric requirements can be found on this link:

Fabric Requirements for Stellar Cabins

Here is the schedule for this sew along… be sure to get all parts as they are released as they will not be free for long.

2017 Christmas sew along Schedule.

October 11      Fabric requirements

October 25      Part 1

November 1    Part 2

November 8    Part 3

November 15  Part 4

November 22   Part 5

Please share your work with  me as you make this quilt…

either on my FB page   ReneeChesterQuiltDesings2016 Or Life’s a quilt FB group

Or by Email:  Chairo@telus.net




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