African Inspired Tumbling Blocks….

Ikubic-kiittens-quilt get a call form a good friend of hubby’s.. Can you make me  a quilt that is  5 feet by 5 feet (60″x60″) I like your cubic quilt that you made Garrett. I called it “Kubic Kittens” click to pattern link.

Ok…What colors do you want? Do you want the cats?  No cats. I remember African themed artifacts in their home. Well this is his rug, he sends me these pictures.


So I quickly bring up Cubic Kittens on my eq 7 program and plug-in the gold, burgundy and sage colors… to get this and send it to him…

wes dorash

2aI ran down to my stach and pulled out everything I have that is African..  He likes the tiger one and here I thought it was the 2nd one but actually it was the 2nd last. and he asks to plug in the tiger one where the green is… and I do. and send him a pic…

wes dorash. 2JPG


We have a winner..   on layout but I was not happy with the tiger one and I send him this picture and let him know that I think this would look better with the gold and burgundy.4a It turns out this was the one he was looking at all along.   I gave him a material quote based on fabric at LQS retail prices and total  came in over $150.   This is where I usually loose custom customers as they do not realize the cost of materials.. Now he needs to think about it.


So run down stairs to see what else I have in stock and find these.. the burgundy has African huts and the gold is like desert sand and I have the black also. I will use stock backing too this is what is going to back this quilt.. Since he is a friend and I have all my material in stock I’ll do it for him for just over $100.00.   I get a go ahead…

This is the process of building the quilt from start to finish….

  1. 7a (2) I cut 7 strips WOF and sub cut them into diamonds. Till I had the amount that I needed of the 3 fabrics to make all the blocks. 15 minutes.

2. I sewed the sandy fabric  to the rust hut houses fabric… be sure to leave 1/4″ seam at each end of the seam.

3. 1aThen I added in the tiger striped fabric to make the full block. This is done using Y seams. I have done a You Tube video on how I did this It can be found at “Sewing Y seams for tumbling block”  and one on “Pressing Tumbling Blocks”2a

Lay out on the design wall, since I was using directional fabric I wanted to keep them in order with them pointing up, left, down, right.

4. 3acut the black border diamonds and triangles to make the top rectangular. When I was figuring the triangles that I needed,  I added 7/8″ to the diamond shape then cut them in half  to get the shape I needed whether it was a  equilateral or isosceles triangle. they are abit big but i can always trim them off to square the top with binding later.

5. Layout on my design wall and start sewing the rows.1a

6. Sew these rows together

7. Add your borders.

8 Made the backing .. this I used all the leftovers to piece it.  I had many variations so I took pictures and sent them to my friend for approval on witch one he liked best.

9 next is to load on the longarm, I quilted it using a panto on my HQ 16 the panto that I used is from Urban Elements and it is called  African Samba.african-samba

9. Last thing to do was to bind it so I used the magic binding technique that I learned from Aunt Marti’s tutorial – Susie’s magic binding.1b

I used all the left overs for the back of the quilt. Here is the finished product.

Now it just needs to find its way to its final home, but with one detour I hope our quilt guild is hosting a quilt show in Mach 17 2018 so I would love to display it.

I’ve also done a YouTube video on how to make Y seam tumbing blocks


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