2017 Christmas Sew Along… Stellar Cabins, Part 1

This week we will be working on the log cabin part of the quilt.  If you have not yet chosen your materials for this quilt it  can be found in previous post of this blog. A schedule of the releases is at the bottom with a link to previous parts.

Some of you sent me your pictures of the fabrics that you chose so this is what I have received so far.

I also have chosen some more fabrics so as we make this quilt together I will take pictures of my progress. These are the fabrics that I will be working with for this quilt. I was able to draw all the fabrics from my stash.  22366393_10155011299963339_8202903222528376323_nMost of the greens and blues were leftovers from the Cat tails in the meadow quilt that I made a few years ago.cattails in the meadow

You will find the directions for this part on Payhip  “Stellar Cabin Part 1”

Here is a Photo log of how I made each block…

Half the blocks were built clock wise and the other half are built mirror image.  When building he 2nd half I found it easier to build it by looking at the back side of the previous block.

See ya all next week for Stellar Cabins… Part 2  Here is the link to get to part 1 https://payhip.com/Reneechester

2017 Christmas sew along Schedule.

October 11      Fabric requirements

October 25      Part 1

November 1    Part 2

November 8    Part 3

November 15  Part 4

November 22   Part 5

Please share your work with  me as you make this quilt…

either on my FB page   ReneeChesterQuiltDesings2016 Or Life’s a quilt FB group

Or by Email:  Chairo@telus.net




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