Hayden… my 1st collage.

Hayden (2)

Its been a while since ive been on here.. things have gotten real busy… we had our Pins and Pine Needles quilt guild  bi annual quilt show  and i was busy trying to get all my projects done.

So a bit of history why I choose Hayden… as my 1st collage…She is my son dog. Brett adopted Hayden from a rescue society.. she is his baby and he even had her tattooed on his arm.  His adoptive mom is a quilter so I did not want to give him a quilt. When I looked at the picture he took at Christmas I saw that it would be easy to break down the colors into light medium and dark.

(if you click on pictures some have descriptions)

29243284_10155406199173339_698730155_oThese are the fabrics that I had 1st choose… to use for Hayden, but after researching and watching videos how to do collages and I even joined a collage FB group where they suggested that I use more fabrics to make Hayden look more realistic.  The tutorials that I found most helpful were from Sue Carlson… Kissing Cousins

I found her work so interesting that when I found out that she was going to be in Calgary we(the family)  made the 4 hour trip to go see her.  These are pictures that I took during her show and talk She went thru the history of how she got into collages. Heres are the ones I took:

Now it was time to start so I down loaded Gimp photo editing program so that I could turn Hayden’s picture to gray-scale then posteurize it to 5 shades.  Then print it out to a 8×10 sheet.. then I traced the picture onto onion or tracing paper  and enlarged that to 4 sheets this game me a 16×20 size.

Next was to sort my fabrics.. when I did this separated all the fabrics that I planed to use into piles from light to dark then took pictures and turned them to gray-scale also. This gave me a truer color separation.   There were many sets of photos taken to get to the final result.

Next I traced Hayden onto a foundation fabric so that I could start building her the whole time that i was making him I had the original picture, the gray-scale picture so keep referring back to. I used tacky glue to hold my peiced to the foundation fabric.  Here is Hayden as she was being built.  I tested backgrounds and ended up  liking the blue one best thought she looked like she was floating so I added in the black to make it look like she was siting on a photo studio table.

Next step was to glue her onto the fabric and then I added tulle over her so hold down all the pieces and quilted her.

I framed her and displayed her in our quilt show. Brett will receive her next weekend.


If you have any questions feel free to ask.



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