Dino Bubbles…Setting in Circles.

I was finally able to finish the challenge quilt… and as I said earlier I was and have become proficient on setting in circles into the quilt after making 12 of them… the smallest I set in was 5″ as the top had so much bulk.  Im sure a smaller one could be made when working with a block

Here is a photo tutorial on how I made finished the quilt by setting in the circles.

Choose the placement of the circle to be set in on the block or quilt
Find the center of the circle by folding it in 4 and marking the center with a marking pen
fold the block/quilt in half along the mark
Now fold again into fourths along the mark
Measure the circle that will be set in this one is 7 1/2″
subtract 1″ from the measurement of the inset circle so this will be 6 1/2″ and cut our using a circular ruler.
mark the folds on the 4 sides and mark
fold the cut out circle in half and mark those 8ths.
Mark the center piece to be inserted at all the 8ths.. like you did with the background I pressed with an iron
showing the markings at the 8ths with blue chalk.
Showing the marking of the center circle.
place the center circle under the top background right sides up.
with right sides together start pining by matching the marks
showing the full circle pinned
Sew 1/4 inch on the background side adjust the material as you sew around by manipulate the fabric so that you have a flat edge with no wrinkles where your going to sew.
showing finishing sewing the circle
this is what the circle looks like fully sewn
Iron the seams inwards for a raised circle and outwards for  a recessed circle
Finished circle pressed to the inside to make it look like the circle is above the background.

I quilted this quilt using circular rulersand echoed the circles  to make it look like ripples in the water. Each of my critters are quilted with echoe quilting.  Heres the finished quilt.  Ready for display at our Quilt show in March.  Hope to see some of you.27583133_10155279282913339_1101395349_n



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