VS Sampler…Block 5

June 24 2019

Finished block 4 this morning after my bus run,  Can you believe that schools is almost finished for another year, I only have 7 trips left. Started my annual cleanup today windows. If I do a little each day then by thursday I will get it all finished for summer parking. Yep I drive a school bus I’m just finishing my 9th year and still loving the job.

Here we go this VS Block 5 looks complex but broken down sure simplifies it.20190624_132124.jpg

Layout looks not really square but once the seam allowances are in there it will be 12 1/2″.  I’m going to stress the 1/4″ Seam allowance on this one since there are so many seams.. if your out 1/16″ on each seam then your block will either be to large or too small.

Ill begin with the 1st section to piece the corners. I don’t think I need to explain the Process of right sides together from here on. Fold the largest triangle in half and make a crease to line up with the point of the HST.  Reminder sew on the seams sides up so you can see where the intersecting seams of the points are.

What’s left is the center cross.  I’m going to start with the smallest  red triangles on each side of the black and orange squares. Sew these onto the squares don’t sew the large red  and white triangles yet.20190624_135711

Sew on the white triangles press towards the block.Once your about to join the white points together nestle the seams. Take the short rectangular pieced portions back to design wall. Now its time to add the large triangles to the long pieced row.  If you follow the images you will not have any T seams.

Sew the corner squares to the short pieced rectangle for both sides.

Now sew the 3 sections together.

Block 5 is now finished.20190624_174803

Then I added the sashings and started piecing it to the previous 4 block as I build the quilt. (sashing instructions are in earlier block posts)

This makes 2 block completed today so far.  Even though your only getting one a day for now.. If I stock up then when I go somewhere or don’t feel like sewing you will still have some blocks without too much of a break between.

This will be the last post before our Canada Day Long Weekend.  Enjoy your weekend.

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