VS Sampler…Block 4

June 24/2019

Good morning… I had a fun time with the grandson yesterday.. We (Exandra Xavier and Myself) even got our faces painted with rainbows surrounding our eyes.   After the event was over we all parted ways, then took mom home but stopped for supper I had forgotten about the rainbow on my face and I could not fathom why i was getting weird looks, till a little girl came up to me and pointed to her face and traced the shape of my rainbow. lol I was able to get a picture of all my kids together also..

Getting on  to  VS Block 4..When looking at this one I can see that it can be broken down onto a 9 patch block.  there are 4 HST (half square triangles),  4 block in a block, and the center. that’s how we will build this one.  Oh! I forgot to take the picture of this one…when I cut the pieces my phone was on the charger then I got home and started sewing… Sorry.

Remember when cutting the pieces to keep your fabric folded so you are cutting 2 blocks at a time.  If the subcut is a X then your getting all the 8 pieces needed. If the subcut is a / your getting 4 pieces at a time.

Building the block  NOTE: when your sewing the triangles don’t stretch the fabric just let your machine’s feed dog do their job.

HST. place right sides together and sew on the diagonal

Block in a Block

Fold the pieces in half to press a crease line in the center and allight the creases. Place right sides together and sew opposite sides. Now do the last 2 sides.. I like to press towards the center. Sections finished20190624_105631.

Build the 9 patch

Sew in rows HST to block in block to HST press to HST’s.  HST to center to HST, Press to center.  HST to Block in Block  to HST Press to HST.  Now but up the seams and attach the rows.

Block done.20190624_110620

Again Adding the sashing.  refer back to previous post for the measurements. for the sashings.20190624_111342


Have a great day everyone.

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