VS Sampler… Block 24

July 31 2019

Boys are home. They got home sunday. Monday we went to the beach.. Garrett came home about 2 inches taller than me.    Willard is working Teus- Thursday doing yard maintenance for a dear friend of ours this is his 4th year helping her out.. She absolutely loves his work ethics.  This is good as whenever he needs a reference he gets a glowing one from her.  So I’m needing to be driving him to town or half way.  I’m letting him drive when he wants to, if i turn white you know why. lol.


This block as an absolute nightmare for me just because for some reason i was cutting all the trapezoids 1/2″ longer than they needed to be.  I think what i did is I’m using a  6 1/2″ ruler and I may have measured from the 1/2″ not even realizing it. Once i figured out may mistake by printing the template I was to go.

VS Block 24


Breaking it down.. since the triangles between the trapezoids are cut into 2 instead of one like the previous blocks we can assemble it abit different. Here are the sections

Sew the sections together in stips.

Finished block.20190731_123651.jpgBlock 25 4×4 layout.

Block 25 4x4

I’m sure by now you all now where to find the previous blocks so i’m going to discontinue the link where to find it.

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