VS Sampler… Block 25

June 22/2019

I’m really loving this row.  Its very much like the weather we are finally having.. I’ve been enjoying the sun outside while sitting on the grass shedding my white dog.. there’s puffs of white fir all over the green grass.20190723_113458-2

Not to mention so far they have been pretty easy blocks.

Ok so im finding im really starting to repeat myself with the sections.. since we have done some of them before and you’ve already made similar ones in different colours.  So I’m’ just going to post the pictures of the finished sections as i don’t feel you need to be instructed at this point.

VS Block 25


This block has 8 yellow/black HST.  Four of each Black/White and Green/White flying geese.

Making sections.

Sew the sections into strip sections. Then sew them together.20190722_225116

Finished block.20190722_225717.jpg

Block 24 4×4 layoutBlock 24 4x4

Links to previous blocks.

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