VS Sampler… Block Links

Link to all the blocks for VS Sampler

As you all know I’m working on a sampler that I designed so that I could challenge my piercing skills..I’m Calling it VS *Variegated Sampler”.  The full quilt is made up of 41 blocks..  Ill be releasing the blocks as I build them.. along with that it will have a link to the pattern and a photo tutorial on how I constructed the block..  I want to have this quilt finished by our quilt show in March 2020 but at the rate I’m working it will be done way sooner.

There is no set schedule but I will try to release at least 1 block a week if not more and never more than 3 blocks in a week.

As I’m  looking at other peoples Block Of The Months I noticed that some blogs have a page that everything Links back to.. This I’m finding is an easy way to find the whole quilt blocks in one place so this is what this post is intended to do.

I sure would appreciate that if your making this that you share your work.. Not only do I love to see what others are doing, it is also encouraging for me to know that I’m not doing this for nothing.  Share Photos on my Facebook Group Renee’s Quilting Addiction.

Or if your just following a simple comment at the bottom is appreciated so I know that I;m not alone on this journey. Thank You.

Fabric Requirements and block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

Block 6

Border Triangle Blocks

Block 7

Sashings and Borders

Release date July 8th 2019

Sashings and borders

Block 8

Release date July 10 2019

Block 9

Release date July 12m 2019


Block 10

Release date July 15 2019

Block 11

Release on July 17

Block 12

Release on July 19

Block 13

Release date July 22 2019


Block 14

Release date July 24 2019


Block 15

Release date July 26 2019

Block 16

Release date July 29 2019

Block 17

Release date July 31 2019

Block 18

Release Date Aug 2 2019

Block 19

Release Aug 5 2019

Block 20

Release Aug 7 2019

Block 21

Release Aug 9 2019

Block 22

release date Aug 12/19

Block 23

release Aug 14 2019

Block 24

Release Aug 16 2019

As I make more blocks I will continue to add on to this list.

***Please do not share these patterns if your friends want to make them get them to join my group.***

Please Share Your progress if you make this quilt.. Photos can be shared on my Facebook Group  Renee’s Quilting Addiction or you could Email them to Chairo@telus.net and ill post them for you. 



  1. At this point I think I’ll admire your work as I’m already involved with 2 quilt projects that need to be done monthly. BUT!!! That’s not written in stone saying I can’t start a third one as quilt police saying goes —— good things come in threes. LOL


  2. I LOVE the way you have framed the blocks AND that the sashing does double duty by inserting the rainbow kind of effect! Just seeing this, but now i’m paying attention ❤


  3. Late to the SAL. I just found you via Bear Creek Quilting. Your quilt is beautiful. I think I’ll start saving and make this a project to come back to in a couple months. Juggling projects at the moment 😂


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