VS Sampler… Block 21

July 19 2019

Life is so quiet without the kids home.  I really din’t realize how much they take up my time until they are both gone. Anyways I feel like I’m sewing in the dark the lamp above my sewing machine called it quilts yesterday.. Trying to figure out if there’s a way i can fix it myself or if i’m gonna have to get a new one.. If that’s the case then i’ll get one of the  LED shop lights like the ones i have over my longarm.. i love how bright they are and the price is right.  Hubby came home during the making of this block.. he looked at my light.. turns out the 3 bulbs that I tried to replace were all burned out.. I can say this… I can be such a blonde some days. lol


VS Block 21

Broken down this block is made up of HST and Flying geese.

We have 8 black/white HST20190719_130744

Flying geese.. 4 black/white and 4 orange/yellow20190719_130834

Assembling the corner units

Side units

Center Units

Putting the block together. sew in strips then sew them together.

Finished block.


Block 21 4×4 setting.Block 21 4x4

Link to previous blocks.

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