VS Sampler… Block 20

July 18 2019

I’ve been procrastinating.. not really.. Yesterday I dint even go down to my sewing room.  Mom was here for the night and at 9 she had an appointment to get her hair permed and cut.  Then we visited a dear friend of hers.  A quick lunch in Mayerthorpe then took her back to her home in Whitecourt.  A few errands around town.  This took till about 4pm, so the day was shot for me since i prefer to sew in the mornings.

This morning I did fix my color mixup on block 20.. I dint redo it i just pulled the center out ripped out the darker pieces and exchanged them with lighter ones. Then inset the center into the rest of the block.

Lets get on with thew 20th block This is our half way point… only 20 more to go after this one.

VS Block 2020190718_111258.jpg

Breaking it down i see.. Twelve HST and Four Quarter square triangles.. this is a pretty easy block. I hope to get 2 done today.  I don’t think i need to explain the HST and Quarter Square Triangles as we’ve done many of these so far.20190718_120544

To sew the block sew this one in strips and don’t press till the end. When pressing press to the left then right  left and so on. This makes it easier to but the seams so that they are matching.


Block 20 4×4 layoutBlock 20 4x4

Link to previous blocks.

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