VS Sampler… Block 12

July 8 2019

I took the day off yesterday  I just  could not this but in gear due to this consistent cough I have. Both my boys left for camp on saturday afternoon they will be gone 3 week camps.

VS Block 12

Look at this pattern..

I’m seeing that there are 4 patch blocks so instead of cutting each patch  individulay I’m going to cut strips then sew the 2 colors together press to the dark and subcut them and sew them into the 4 patch by butting up the seams.  Math: 16 patches needed at 1.75″ is 28 inches so cut a strip 1.75 x 30″ WOF ill measure 15″ from the fold of the fabric. Before I show the Layout of this block I’m going to make the 4 patch blocks.

Half square triangles I don’t think you need verbal instructions on these we’ve made quite a few so far.

Fence rail

Layout so far with sections sewn20190708_105945.jpg

Joining the sections start with the center 9 patch but the seams as much as you can i realize that some will not but use a pin to get these to match.

sew the upper and lower rows and side rows

Attach top and bottom sections then side sections. use pins to match the seams and sew on the side where you can see the point of the HST

Block finished. 20190708_115950

After the next block will finish the 3rd row and I’m going to change how im building the rows i think it will be easier if i build it on the diagonal rows so that they can be attached to the sashings as i continue.. plus at this rate I’m going to be running out of design wall space.

Block 12 4×4 layout.Block 12 4x4

Link to previous blocks 


  1. I just wanted to thank you for this quilt pattern. I love it and I plan on making it in the future. My hubby has a one project at a time law lol. Thanks so much again


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