VS Sampler… Block 11

July 6 2019

20190624_175453I only got the one block done yesterday.. fighting a summer cold and a cough that won’t quilt.  so I was in bed by 8pm last night.  Looks like this block is made very much like  block 5 just different color placements giving the blocks totally different looks.

Todays Block VS Block 1120190706_101829.jpg

Same as last time corner sections

Center cross sections

Progress so far on design wall.. i put up a piece of old batting on the bulletin board next to my sewing sections for just the block assembly as the design wall is starting to have no room for me to display the blocks.


Sewing the block together.

20190706_1305484×4 layout. Block 11 4x4.PNG

Link to previous blocks

Be sure to share your work.

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