Autumn Aura…

I designed this quilt on my EQ7.  After having made 1 paper pieced quilt using a Judy Niemeyer pattern Cattails in the meadow.. I figured i could challenge myself to make my own pattern.  So like anything else that i’d do i could not do something simple…cattails in meadow



It started out being done in grays and  teals but i figured i should work with fabrics that mom had given me.. I had the perfect border print in Autumn colors that i had used in Quebec’s Back Yard. So I worked the pattern with the fabrics  of that mom had given me.Autum aurora

27654775_10155296765118339_8463002563599890283_nI started this quilt a a quilt retreat in september.  I got quite a bit finished and had to pack up to go home.. so left it till the next retreat.. Oh what a nightmare.. I could not remember how the blocks went together as its important to get the circles intertwining.  Many times i had to pull blocks out to quarter or half turn them to get my design to work.  My lesson learned here is don’t put off your projects get them done while they are still fresh in your mind. I did finally get ‘er done

This was the 1st time i really played with rulers on my longarm.. It was fun.


  1. This is a gorgeous quilt!! I too had the problem of only working on a quilt at retreats and NEVER remembering from time to time exactly what I was doing!! I was SO happy to get it finished!

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