VS Sampler…Block 13

July 8 2019

Took the day off yesterday so I’m making the second block today to make up for the missed block.

Vs Block 13

This block has templates for some of the pieces as it was not possible to cut them with the rotary cutter and get the correct degree for the angle.

Putting it together. were going to start with the outside HST black and white. then sew then on each side of the corner squares.

Next were going to sew the corner 4 triangular patches.  The 2 oranges 1st then add the blacks on each side. I’m not really sure why the EQ8 program gave me the orange done in 2 pieces when it could have been cut as one.  Oh well. well work with what the pattern gave us.

Now we have a 9 patch sections  so put them together in rows.

Finished block20190708_191444.jpg

Block 13 4×4 layout

Block 13 4x4.PNG

Link to previous Blocks

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