VS Sampler… Block 36

August 23 2019

My yearly start up meeting today in Edmonton.. This symbolizes that there is only one more week of summer holidays and were all back to school.  I guess this also means that it is time to cut back the bedtimes for the kids in preparation for school ..  10 More Sleep Countdown… Can you hear the squawking..”how come i have to go to bed earlier” this is a yearly ritual.. no more sleeping in till 8 for me, I’ll start getting up at 630 so the 1st week is not so hard.Capture

Were on the home stretch now.. only 5 more blocks to go..20190825_131553.jpg

VS Block 36

This block may look complex but it is only made up of  12 simple HST and 8 Quarter Square triangles.

QST press to the light green and dark green HST press away from the black

Once all the HST and QSt are sewn assemble the corners and the inner cross.

Press to the light green whenever possible.

Now all that’s left to do is to make the block like you would a 9 patch to complete the block. I realize that the one corner has a mistake.20190825_135853

Finished block


Block 36 4×4 layoutBlock 36 4x4

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