VS Sampler Block 37

August 28 2019

This block is the beginning of the last row.. I’m going to make this row simpler so that we are not  finishing on a frustrated note.

***I have also decided that these blocks will be free till October 1st  2019 after that I will charge for the pattern this will give everyone 10 days to get your patterns downloaded.***

Vs Block 3720190828_174143.jpg

This block is made up of 12 HST and 4 QST

Assembling the center section.

Outer border sections.

Assembling the block.

Completed Block


Block 37 4×4 LayoutBlock 37 4x4.PNG


  1. Hello
    I just found your blog und saw the stars. I like the quilt very much and will try to make it also. I find it top to see in evry star the normal layout from the star. Thank you for all your work.

    Greeting Guilitta


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