VS Sampler… Block 35

August 22 2019

Real excitement in our are the last couple days.. 3 Grizzly Bears were wreaking havoc on one of our neighbours.  Thankfully they were caught.

Kim Kondruk Yesterday at 1:47 PM  Quote from her FB post “All 3 were trapped in my yard today!! I asked for details on where they were being relocated but never got an answer…for everyone asking I’m in the Mayerthorpe area I was told these bears have been causing lots of issues the last month and a half from, Peers area, Cynthia, Lodgepole, Drayton Valley, Whitecourt , & Mayerthorpe.”

2nd block for today. VS Block 35 This block will be quite a bit more simple than the last one we just finished. 20190822_132715-1.jpg

There are many HST. so you can see the way I’m breaking it down here is a visual  of the block how it will be build.block 35 scet

Well start making the easy sections 1st.  

Next section are the units that have flying geese in them.

Now we just need to put the completed sections together.


Center section watch the way that you press the seams  so that they will but up to each other.

Sew the sections like a 9 patch to complete the block.


Completed block.20190822_145301.jpg

Block 35 4×4 layout

Block 35 4x4

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