VS Sampler …Block 34

Aug 21 2019

Im burning a candle as I work that my daughter Exandra gave me for my birthday.. Its making my studio smell so nice.  The candle is the it is from Charmed Aroma.. she gave me a set that consisted of a bath bomb and a candle the neat thing about this company is that they hide jewelry inside these…  when I used them the rings were revealed.  Each ring comes with a ID number to see how much it is appraised at.  The bomb ring is valued at $40.00 and the candle ring is valued at $200.00.

VS Block 34

This block will have templates for the odd shapes and there are some inset seams.. by now we are all getting pretty good at them I hope.. the key is to leave that 1/4″ seam allowance from the points where the blocks get inserted.  Folding away the fabric where the 2nd seam goes really helps also.

Simple sections 1st. there are 4 black green HST and 4  lt.green green half rectangles and 4 white triangle sections.20190822_112047.jpg

next is to build the corner sections.

Now sew the double rectangle patch tot he outer white triangle and assemble the block like a nine patch then sew the strips and finished the block by sewing these together.


Finished block


Block 34 4×4 layoutBlock 34 4x4

Please dont forget to post you progress on my FB site Renee’s Quilting Addiction or email  Chairo@telus.net them to me and I can post them for you.

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