VS Sampler… Block 33

Aug 21 2019

My design wall is not tall enough now that I’m on the second last row so i guess ill be draping the top over the longarm frame as I continue.

This block will be a nice change from the past few. I don’t really need to go into much detail as we have done many of these sections previously.

VS Block 33


We have Light green/green HST and Green/black HST.20190821_153841.jpg

There are  four 1/4 Square triangles20190821_155929

and 4 half hexies with white triangles on each side.20190821_155855

The center is put together like a 9 patch and then the outer sections can be added. press to the dark green when possible.

Finished block20190821_162939.jpg

Block 33 4×4 layout

Block 33 4x4

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