VS Sampler… Block 40

August 25 2019

This is the last block on our journey together.. Thank you for those of you that have joined me.  Please keep posting your progres so that I can see your quilts as they grow. I finally have a name for this quilt.. I’m going to call it “Variegated Summer Sampler” since it took me all summer to get it pierced.

VS Block 40


This block is made up of 4 QST and 4 HST and one Trapezoid section

Center section press towards the outside for top and bottom rows and towards the center for the middle row

Make the center 9 patch

finished block


bock 40 4×4 layoutBlock 40 4x4

This block completes out VS Sampler.. Trim all your corner tags from the sashing pieces  .I opted out on borders and it will be bound in black.  Do continue sharing your progress of this quilt. Ill update you on the quilting once i get my fabric and begin.  Backing is in the mail  I ordered Northcott Artisan Spirit wide backing for it.backing.PNG

Please remember that on Oct 1 2019 the pattern will no longer be free and will go up for sale.



  1. Just discovered you beautiful quilt a couple weeks ago and have been downloading all the tiles before they disappear. Thanks for sharing your beautiful design. I’m just wondering if the posts that provide tips for piecing will be available indefinitely or if I should make notes on completing each block now. Once again thanks for this pattern.


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