VS Sampler… Block 39

Aug 25 2019

Monday Mom, the kids and I went to pick five five gallon pails of green apples and rescue crabs and some cherries. We made 5 pints of cherry jelly and so far i have 6 apple pies frozen.. I’ve got many more pies to make.. The 1st year i picked apples i cut up and froze them.. well i still have some of those in the freezer so now what I do is i make the pies and the fruit gets all used up over the course of the year all the kids so is take out the the pies.  I also make zucchini bread and pumpkin pies instead of freezing the fruit.  This year I’m going to make spiced crabs with the rescue crab apples and the rest of the fruit gets made into either juice concentrate and frozen or apple jelly or sauce.

I’m getting so anxious to sew my quilt complete were getting so close…

VS Block 3920190828_093550.jpg

This block has one template for the center white point.  The rest is pretty simple 4 QST and 8 HST.

Now to sew all the blocks into sections and sew those sections together.

Finished block.20190828_103906

Block 39 4×4 LayoutBlock 39 4x4.PNG

On October 1 2019 all patterns will no longer be free.

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