VS Sampler… Block 16

July 11 2019

Moms birthday today she turns 74.  We took her out for lunch at her favorite place.. Wendy’s for an apple pecan salad… Afterwards we got her a cake and took it back to the lodge where I gave her a jade plant.. Mom was given a pansy plant in the spring and shes kept it alive so I thought a nice house plant would be better.

Ok VS Block 16

I really think that the templates will really help with this block since they have the corners trimmed off so matching the pieces will be simpler.20190711_161342.jpg

I’m going to start this block with the outer corner sections. Sew all the black and white triangles together.. watch the orientation as they are opposites for the left and right of the section.  When sewing the corner squares find the center of the square and the triangle by folding. press everything  to the black.

next will be the inner corner sections and attaching them to the outer corner sections.

now well work with the rectangles with white cross section

Making the block like a 9 patch.  Atach the corner sections to rectangle and to the other corner section on both sides. Next sew the orange rectangle to the center patch to the other orange rectangle and  sew the 3 sections together.

Completed block


Block 16 4×4 layoutBlock 16 4x4

Link to previous blocks

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