VS Sampler… Block 9

July 4, 2019

Schools out and I’m still driving kids around.  Willard has enrolled into an RCMP Boot camp  at Gateway Academy for this full week till Saturday.  He needs to be at Hill Top High School in Whitecourt each day from 9 to 3pm.  Each morning I am driving him and another young lady who is also enrolled to the academy, not in my bus just the van.  Im lucky that I don’t have to pick them up as her father gets off work around the same time that they are finished so he brings Willard home.

CaptureDescription of his course:

RCMP Academy
The RCMP camp provides
students with insight into a career
in the exciting world of policing.
In partnership with the Whitecourt
RCMP, students will learn about the
roles and responsibilities of the police
service, current policing trends, crime
reporting, investigation and tracking.
Earn up to 3 credits.

Willard also received an acceptance letter for the Soaring Eagles RCMP Youth Camp in Edmonton.  Only a few aboriginal kids ages 16-18 were selected in Alberta.

Onto VS Block 9 I’m including the templates also with this one as it really gave me a hard time.


This block looks complicated but it really is not broken down.

Center square in a square

Quarter Square triangle

Assembling the side sections into strips.

20190704_151903.jpgGlad that I’m making these ahead of time… this one is giving me issues somehow i managed to 1/4 turn the orange piece thinking the white was too big i trimed it down… my mistake . Luckily I can still use most of the pieces,  justneed to recut the white.  Heres the section i goofed on.  I guess this proves that i make mistakes too.

This picture was sent to me by someone troubleshooting this block and the thing that is incorrect with this is the orientation of the trapezoid. do watch all the orientations of the trapezoids as some are not perfect equal diamonds.69485616_2422552671347628_6170052899633102848_n

Putting it all together like a 9 patch.


I made another mistake.. look at the points in this one. when I went to sew the sashing on I lost my points..I know what I did wrong.. I did not leave that 1/4″ tab in the corner of the black and orange trapezoid. Jack and I have been BFF’s with this block.

Block 9 is now complete.20190704_214522.jpgThis was was one of the hardest ones finished so far in my opinion.. I had a hard time matching the arrows of the side center sections. One section is not perfect upon close inspection, I’m going to leave it is not that noticeable and I’ve spend enough time with this block. 

Today while returning a quilt that I had just finished quilting for a customer I was telling her about this project.. she said she would follow as each block could be made into a quilt by repeating it so I thought I’d give you examples of what each block would look like in repeated in a 4×4 setting.

block 9 alt layout.PNG

Refer back to Block links for the rest of the blocks already released.


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