VS Sampler… Block 8

July 2 2018.  We spent the long Canada Day Weekend in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. We had a family gathering to celebrate my great niece Chelsea’s Graduation,  I gifted her a quilt.  She is a huge roughrider fan..so I made her a Rider Quilt.. She loved it.  This quilt has special meaning as not only is she a fan but she got sent to the Gray cup in edmonton as a make a wish.. Chelsea in in remission from childhood leukemia were lucky to have her with us.  Were so proud of her for achieving so much in her life so far she is a strong young lady.

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Now onto VS Block 820190702_205717.jpg

I always like to start with the simplest units so looking at this block there are Four 1/4 triangle Squares.   

 8 HST so we will start with those.

 Next we will build the center star.

This is what we have pieced so far.20190702_221047.jpg

The last step is to sew the outside into sections 2 long and 2 short.  Assemble the short pierced sides with the center then sew on the large rows.

Progress so far.


Now to sew the block together.  Its important to a vertical pin to line up the points and 2 horizontal pins on each side of each pin to hold it all in place so that it will not shift

Finished Block.20190702_231017.jpg

Refer to VS Sampler… Block Links for the rest of the patterns.

4×4 block grid.

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