VS Sampler Quilt… block 2

The second block of the VS quilt was quite easy to make… It did not take me as much time as VS block 1 did, instructions are found in the previous post.

Pattern for Block 2 is found here VS Block 2 Cut each patch I leave the fabric folded so that i can cut 2 at a time when more than 1 is needed. this way when cutting the 4 triangle patch i only have to cut out the square and sub cut on the diagonals making 8 patches needed.

Again  here is the layout on the design wall, as I will do with each block.


Putting together the corner units.

The next step is do add the sashing and cornerstone together.. this is built like a 9 patch block.  Pieced block to sashing to pieced block for both sides and sashing to corner stone to sashing. Then assemble the 3 portions together to make the block.

Referring to the original diagram of the quilt top  .I choose to add sashing as I go along. The sashing is 12.5 x 3 and cornerstones are 3×3. Note that not all the sides are added as i will need to build strips for all to line up and I will not have to work with inset corner seams.

Quilt top eq20190622_191046

This is what has been completed so far.20190622_191054







As you can see im going to work this in rows starting on the bottom right and across to finish at the top left. I figure since I have the purple and red fabric out I may as well get them all finished.  The set in triangles may get added in somewhere during this journey I have not decided yet when ill make those.

Busy day with the family tomorrow so II will not get much sewing done..  I get to spend time with my handsome little grandson and my girl… can’t wait. Mom will be surprised that they are coming I have not told her.



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