VS Sampler… Block 28

August 1 2019

Well life with the kids home is falling into place now.  I did manage to get Garrett to play a game of Backgammon with me last night probably only because we had on heck of a thunderstorm come past and it knocked out the cable and internet.  So much for the driveway almost being dry.. i was down to 1 puddle.. now they are all full again.  Last night we got a little over 3/4 inch of water. Since April we have got 18 1/2 inches  This has been a very wet summer.  This is what downtown Whitecourt AB. looked like after last nights storm.Capture

VS Block 2820190801_104927.jpg

section 1

Sew the black corner square just like all previous blocks. By folding away then sewing to the 1/4″ mark and flipping and doing the same with the other side.

Section 2 this one is pretty easy sew the triangles to each side20190801_113904

Both sections Sewn layout.20190801_114523

Putting the sections together.

Finished Block.20190801_120103

Block 28 4×4 LayoutBlock 28 4x4

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