VS Sampler… Block 27

Aug 1 2019

I made this block the same day as block 23 and just waited to today to release it so it all stayed in numerical order.  I really feel like i want to jump around on the days that there are more difficult blocks to go do an easier one. now that I’m almost a month ahead of you all should be able to do this.

VS Block 27

Layout on design board


Breaking this down in sections.. we should be getting pretty good at these Y seams or inset corners by now.  This is made much the same way as the previous blocks 19, 22, 24, and 26.

Finished block.20190722_144717

Block 27 4×4 settingBlock 27 4x4.PNG

Thank you for those of you that are dropping a comment and those sharing your progress on my FB Group Renee’s Quilting Addiction

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